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Construction and Lifting Services:

Helicopters are great for taking on tasks involving heavy lifting. Our aircraft are optimal in locations not suited for other types of machinery. When you’re in need of precision in you project, count on the agility and versatility of our vehicles.

Surveys from a Bird’s-Eye View

Call on Minneapolis Helicopter Charters for your need for aerial surveys, our services are beneficial for all projects in or around Minneapolis. We have a long list of customizations; our services can and have provided information needed for estate, powerline, and many other kinds of surveys. Whenever you need it, we can be your eyes up above Minneapolis.

For Aid in Times of Need

When a natural disaster strikes, not being prepared for the aftermath can cause even more harm. When the unfortunate reality of devastating circumstances hit in Minnesota, Minneapolis Helicopter Charters is ready to help. For receiving aid as soon as possible, our services of support in search and rescue, expediting the transport of much needed supplies, and aerial surveys of the aftermath can all be at your disposal.

Fighting the Fires From Above

In the cases of fire beyond control, available resources are needed to contain it promptly. You can count on Minneapolis Helicopter Charters to lend support to keep the blaze from spreading. Our FAA certified pilots and top-quality helicopters can be ready to jump into action with water and flame retardant chemicals to suppress the fire with a sense of urgency. We are ready seven days a week to assist in every way we can.

Chartered Flights

Our superior and customizable charter service is available for government employees and officials. For the smoothest ride in Minneapolis, and the best service in Minnesota, Minneapolis Helicopter Charters is your go-to helicopter charter company. Looking for discretion? Call to speak with our representatives for applying specific requests to your service and we can handle anything you need.

The Sky is the Limit

Every part of your service from Minneapolis Helicopter Charters is customizable, from start to finish you have limitless opportunities for the best possible experience.

Call Minneapolis Helicopter Charters for all your needs of a helicopter service. You can count on the professionals to get every government contracted job done just as you want it.

Call us today to reserve an exciting Minneapolis Helicopter Tour. Service agents are at your service, anytime.

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